The Coming

Down the Cerrat

7 – 10 Theob 2787

(DM’s note: One player is on vacation and another arrived late. We did not accomplish much, so this log is short. For various reasons, all of them humorous, XP and an MVP were awarded anyway).

The party waited until nightfall on the 8th to return to the copse of trees outside the city and reclaim their belongings, using the same mechanism as they first did to exit and return to the city. They spent the rest of their free time discussing the plan and gathering needed supplies. They also learned from Rahim that there was a loose organization of those that opposed the mindflayers. These groups tried to remain separated from one another and never used real names or revealed their faces in an effort to limit damage to the organization if a member was captured. The party decided they might need aliases in order to further hide their identities. The gear people claimed and their identities are:

Galen “Book” Tailoring kit and cloth
Fritzmaul “Terrum” 5 flasks of oil
Simbul ”Amos” Belt pouch
Pearigren ”Midnight” local clothing
Obosh ”Shoo” n/a

Very early on the day of the 10th- an hour or two after midnight, the party slipped out of the city and made for the rendezvous point Rahim described to them along the banks of the Cerrat River. They knew that in an hour or two the city docks would be engulfed in flame and they wanted to be as far away as possible from the area when this happened. Once at the meeting place, they had only to wait a couple of hours before the logging barge they were seeking floated by. They used a dark lantern Rahim had given them to signal the barge, which steered for the shallow area at the appointed place. The steersman wore a black mask, as did the party per Rahim’s instructions. He indicated that the party should stow themselves and their gear under the large canvas covering that protected the cut logs from the weather. The area under the canopy was crowded but dry though it afforded only a narrow forward-looking view of the river and its surroundings. The steersman told them they would be stopping when the sun next set as there was a rough patch of river about a day ahead that could not be navigated in the dark. The last thing the party saw as the flap was closed was the steersman removing his mask and returning to his expected place at the helm. They could see that he was bearded, but nothing else before they were left alone.

The party passed the time by watching what little they could of the river traffic. The Cerrat River seemed peaceful enough and occasionally a team of mules could be seen drawing a barge upriver, presumably making a return trip from Capscai with goods bound for Qaet. Time seemed to pass slower than normal and it seemed a week before they felt the barge move out of the current and come to a stop. The steersman, once again masked, opened the canvas covering and told the party they were at the stopping point near the rapids they were told about. They could hear more of the river at this point, but could not yet see the turbulent water.

The stopping point turned out to be an old stone quay at the base of a low hill on the western shore of the river. Atop a hill was a crumbling tower that looked as if it had been sheared in half. In response to the party’s questions, the steersman would only say that it was said that the stone quay was once for the use of wizards that lived in the now ruined tower atop the hill and that the tower and hillside were said to be haunted. If not for the rapids ahead, no barges would stop at this point. The steersman also said that he was glad he was not alone, as he usually was when he was forced to camp here. While the masked steersman made ready a camp aboard his barge (he would not sleep ashore under any circumstances), the party quietly discussed a late-night excursion to the tower to see if they could uncover any of its secrets. The party was careful not to remove their masks or use their real names within earshot of the steersman.



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