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  • Human

    Humans are by far the predominant race on Telara. They have the following stats: Ability Scores: Humans receive a +2 bonus to any one ability score. Medium: Humans are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size. …

  • Rahim

    Rahim (pronounced rah . heem) is the lone adult at [[Thridein]], the [[Xa]] ruin that serves as the hideout and school for sorcerous children fleeing the crushing of the [[Mind Rebellion]]. He is blind in one eye and bears three great scars on his …

  • Roz

    Roslyn "Roz" Summer is one of the beautiful and popular girls at [[Thridein]], her red hair matching her bold personality and elemental interests. She always seems to have a group around her, friends and admirers. Even old Rahim's eye lingers on her …

  • Tyvek

    A shorter, burly human in his early thirties. He and his wife live in at the [[Bent Saw]] lumber camp. He is a friend of [[Rahim|Rahim's]] and now a friend to the party. He exchanges news, specialty goods and food with Rahim for alchemical items useful …

  • Lord Simpson

    Lord Simpson is the despot of the [[Bent Saw]] lumber camp. He is thin and wiry, with a sniveling demeanor. He is cruelly shrewd and quite likely a psychopath.

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  • Padan

    Padan is a young human widow that lives at the [[Bent Saw]] lumber camp with her three year old daughter. Her husband was killed in a logging accident soon after their daughter's birth. The rest of the camp looks out for her to ensure she does not starve. …

  • Thardon

    A human male about 15 years old with short-cropped blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and light brown skin. He was a student at [[Thridein]] and was one of the first survivors of the attack on the school the party rescued.


    A human girl about 10 years old. She has dark hair and brown eyes. The party rescued her from certain death at the hands of a badly burned ogre during the attack on [[Thridein]].

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  • Tamil-Ro

    Tamil-Ro is the name of a spider-infested, potentially undead human wizard the party met while exploring the deeper caves in the [[Finhold]]. He wears rotting adventurer robes that reveal his dessicated flesh. Small, phosphorescent spiders can be seen …

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