Capscai is one of two economic hubs in Telara. Situated along the rocky northeastern coast, Capscai boasts a generous deepwater port and ready access to the Cerrat River. It was once, and to a degree still is, the focal point of all trade in Telara. It is most famous for shipping, serving as the intermediate point between the sprawling city of Teraku in the south and Drynn at the extreme northeastern edge of the country.


Capscai is an old city, with walls built one after the other as the city grew. This led to segmentation of the city into various districts, each with its own distinctive feel.

Bridgefort is the location of the main gate and was once a collection of strongholds and fortifications built to defend the city from attack. The Cerrat River is crossed by many bridges here, each with a distinctive high arch to allow river traffic easy passage into the city. Many of the bridges boast guardhouses and other fortifications and the place has an overall militaristic feel. This district was also one of the hardest hit during the wars, and many buildings are damaged in some way. A few are even unsafe for use but remain because no one wishes to go to the trouble or expense to topple them and clean up the rubble.

The Cerrat parts here, leaving a narrow, relatively high strip of land once known as Bycastle Island. It was once the site of the Bycastle, a castle that provided defense for the northern part of the city, but the castle was badly damaged in the war. The island itself and the crumbling castle are now known as The Eye and it serves as the home of the city guard. The guard and secret police based here are known as The Eyes. The guards of the city wear a stylized eye on their distinctive red and blue uniforms. Some of the more brutal or dedicated have this stylized eye tattooed or seared onto their flesh.

Rivergate is a place of trade and artisans. The buildings here are primarily of wood and serve as both the homes and businesses for the areas inhabitants. This part of the city seems the most normal, save for the never-ending presence of The Eye frowning over the area.

Old City
This was the original portion of Capscai, built hundreds of years ago, even before the time of the Empire. The buildings here are old and weather worn, with much of their once great architecture and detail withered by age and neglect. It now serves mainly as warehouse space, shipping offices and businesses associated with the sea.


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