The Finhold is a large cave that houses the source spring for The Knee. It is located about a day’s journey north of Thridein, at the base of a small, rocky hill. From the outside, the Finhold appears to be a deep, clear, reedy pond that is rich in fish and waterfowl. However, a swimmer that knows of the secret entrance can swim under the cliff to the actual source of the pond outside.

The interior of the Finhold is of smooth stone. The cave, some 50 or 60 feet in diameter, houses a pond that is at least as large as the pond outside. Speckled trout and other fish thrive in the pool’s cold waters. Cave crickets, beetles, ants and other cave-dwelling insects (none of the giant kind) make their homes near the pool’s edge, ensuring the fish of the Finhold get regular meals.

The large cave of the Finhold houses a narrow passage that leads to other, deeper caves that have not been visited in decades if not longer.

Rahim planned to use the Finhold as a fall-back position should Thridein be jeopardized in some way and provided a store of clothes and tools there for an emergency. This proved to be wise, as the Finhold became the refuge for all students that survived the attack on Thridein.


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