Rules Changes and Clarifications

In general, the game will be played using the Pathfinder RPG rules. A few things to note about this rules set:

  • Only those rules marked “core” on the PFRPG site will be used. Other rules (so called non-core Pathfinder rules or rules identified on the site as third party rules) are excluded by default, but may be added in the usual fashion. See me if needed. Note that in general, the 3.5 ruleset is excluded from the game in favor of the general Pathfinder rules set.
  • The PFRPG reference site will be the primary source for all rules questions. We will reference the older 3.5 books only if needed or to aid in rule interpretation.
  • Players are encouraged to review these rules as a number of things have changed and many spells have likewise been updated. Before making a character choice, please review the relevant portions of the PFRPG site to ensure you understand what you are doing with your character.

Finally, there will be a number of changes, exclusions and additions to these rules. The most important of these changes are listed below. These changes are necessary to prevent this.

Character Creation
Experience Points
Full Round Attacks
Magic Items
Useful Rules Links

Rules Changes and Clarifications

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