In this campaign, alignment is more a handicap than a useful rule or roleplaying aid. To that end, the following changes regarding alignment apply:

When a character is created, he must select from one of the following “sides”:

  • Freedom
  • Oppression
  • Neutral (animals and other unintelligent beings only)

Those espousing a desire for Freedom have all the following traits:

  • Actively work to oppose the mindflayers, their servants and the corruption associated with their arrival
  • Do not actively participate in activities that further mindflayer goals and objectives
  • Do not treat the common man in the same manner as the mindflayers do: as a possession or slave to be dealt with in any manner desired.

Those supporting Oppression have the at least one of the following traits:

  • Are mindflayers or are intimately tied to The Coming
  • Are intelligent beings that have consciously chosen to support the mindflayers and their goals (eg Lords or guards carrying out the Lord’s will)
  • Use threats of enslavement, ruin, death or other coercion to obtain their goals (eg acting like a mindflayer, guard or Lord)
  • Consciously choose to spy for or provide other aid to the mindflayers or Lords in an attempt to better position themselves, their families or their businesses.
  • Use the environment created by the mindflayers to personally benefit in some way.

Those that are Neutral are completely removed from the struggle between Freedom and Oppression. Given the absolute dominance and brutality of the oppressors, it is not possible for a thinking being with any sort of self awareness to remain uninvolved in the struggle facing all of those on Telara. One either opposes the mindflayers, or to one degree or another supports them. The Neutral position is reserved for unthinking animals and beasts, children too young to understand the situation and some other creatures that are truly removed from or completely unaware of the situation.

Rule Changes

The following rules need to be changed to support this new approach to alignment.

  • All spell descriptors using the words “Law/Chaos/Good or Evil” are removed from the game
  • All spells that detect, hint at or otherwise indicate alignment are removed from the game
  • All spells that protect from creatures of a specific alignment are removed from the game
  • All spells and effects that affect creatures based on alignment are removed from the game
  • A being’s significant actions will be judged to be actions supporting Freedom if the actions comply with all the Freedom statements above.
  • A being’s significant actions will be judged to be actions supporting Oppression if any action violates a tenant of Freedom or is an act of Oppression.
  • Any player character that intentionally pursues a regular course of Oppression will be made an NPC. The mindflayers do not need any more help.


Below are examples of actions and their ramifications to better help everyone understand this new alignment system.

  • Acting as a guard, Lord, spy or informant for the mindflayers (Oppression)
  • Acting as a guard, Lord, spy or informant for the mindflayers while mind-controlled, charmed or magically controlled (Oppression though the actor cannot really be held responsible for their actions)
  • Failing to fight for or against the mindflayers (Neither Freedom or Oppression. The lack of action is not itself a choice given the terrible consequences. The vast majority of the population falls into this camp. They cannot directly resist the mindflayers, nor do they actively support them. Note that this is not a Neutral outlook or action. It simply doesn’t paint the actor one way or the other)
  • Allowing the mindflayers or their representatives to kill, enslave or harm a defenseless person (Neither Freedom or Oppression. Again, it is one’s conscious and direct actions that determine what side they are on, not their lack of action)
  • Threatening or killing the “common man” (Oppression)
  • An undead skeleton (Neutral. Skeletons are mindless.)
  • Creating undead (Neutral. It is the purpose to which the undead are put that determine this action).
  • A vampire that takes advantage of the suspicions in society to feed. (Oppression. The vampire is probably feeding on the “common man” and is using the presence of the mindflayers for his own personal gain)


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