The goal of The Coming is to tell the story of a desperate insurgency against a terribly powerful foe. Those that remain after the horrors of the last 50 years are deeply mistrustful of strangers and “outsiders”. Some are insane, some so downtrodden that they see no hope and will not move to help themselves. Others are complicit in or actively involved in the atrocities inflicted upon the common man, either out of sheer sadism or from desperation to save themselves and their loved ones at any cost.

To this end, the story is intended to focus on the elimination of the mindflayer threat as opposed to being a sandbox type campaign where the characters are free to pursue any long term goal they may wish. If the characters cannot save the people of Telara, then the world as they know it and all those within it will suffer a fate in which a horrific though brief death seems a bargain.

This does not mean that the characters are compelled to “do good”. Outright attempting to balance the scales will only result in the deaths of the characters and those they are trying to save. The characters are free to turn away from those in need, even those in desperate need if they deem it necessary, as long as they are gaining toward the overall goal of deposing the mindflayers. Not everyone can be saved. Some that would be saved are mere pawns, mentally dominated servants of the mindflayers that will betray the characters if they can. The characters should make alliances with care.

On the other side of the issue though, the characters desperately need support. Many of their powerful spells and the creation of magic items will require the cooperation of others. The characters will have to convince those that would help that the risk is worth it. They may need to aid these people in some way to gain their trust and allay the fear that the characters themselves are agents of the mindflayers, posing as resistance fighters to search out dissidents. Intangibles like friendship, trust, sacrifice and dedication can be powerful tools in convincing others to aid the character’s cause.


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